Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I can't believe I finally made it to California. I remember the first few days being completely overwhelmed at how many weeks we had to do this, and now it feels like its snowballing to the end.

To be quite honest, the downhill came after Denver, after that it was merely getting to LA, but it's been such an amazing ride. After Reno we convinced our new friend Joe, who owns The Hub Coffee shop in Reno (go there, it's amazing), to lead us towards Tahoe. En route, two cyclists (Reeve and his daughter), turn around to talk to us. Turns out they were from South Tahoe, and after Bryan just says "Barbecue?", he says "sure!" and away we go. We have such an amazing ride, including a brutal hill climb / race, a dip in Lake Tahoe, a stop at another former pro mountain bikers' bike shop near Tahoe, and the most amazing scenery. As we made it to California, rolling about 10 deep, I'll admit I had this huge shit eating grin on my face. It wasn't getting to LA, San Fran that was the big hit - it was California, our last state. I was beyond stoked.

We made it through Sacramento and then to Vallejo, where me, Bryan, and Jon take the ferry that night to San Francisco, which was pretty amazing. So much vegan food, everywhere. The rest of California has been a blur of the most amazing scenery I've ever seen in my life. We rode along the coast seeing the bluest sea from the cliffs, seals, and zebras! No, seriously. Yesterday I rode by myself for most of the day, including going through Big Sur, and I was listening to "Come on Die Young" by Mogwai, and I popped out of the woods and the ocean and it was one of the most beautiful moments of the trip.

Bryan, Jon, and I

We get to LA in 3 days, and every extra mile that we weren't suppose to have I've been making sure to enjoy the hell out of them. Before today's 60 mile ride, I had done four consecutive centuries and have had no problem with them. Sure, i'd love a break, but I would also love to go back out there again. Endless summer 2k9.

in front of the "Full House" house

corn maze

go vegan or go fuck yourself, still.

Georgie, Jen, and I



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  1. Awesome man... awesome.

    Look forward to riding with you a bit for cross season. See you at Charm City! Safe Travels!