Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the end

The second to last day we rode we were accidentally sent up a closed road, which actually turned out to be the wrong way. It was barely rideable and I was expecting to see someone on a downhill bike and full armor to haul ass down the road as we were climbing it.

After about 3800 miles, a broken helmet, a destroyed iPhone and iPod, run over glasses, 4 tires, countless tubes, 3 moldy water bottles, one SRAM Rival rear shifter, a ripped jersey, two broken headphones, and other small disasters we finished our ride in Los Angeles and the end of one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had in my life. I can't even complete how I feel, it's a bit of a relapse of post-college anxiety, intense separation anxiety from my 20 fellow riders (well, most of them), and the intense feeling that I didn't even do this ride this summer - like it was a dream.

Caroline (Carl), Joe, Kyla, and I drove most of the route we biked down on our way up north, using US-1/Pacific Coast Highway and none of us could imagine us, no more than a week ago, actually biking that same road. It was a great way to remember one of the best routes of the trip. The PCH was rolling cliffs, fast descents, gorgeous blue water, wild life including elephant seals and zebras (I shit you not), a tailwind, and actually frigid weather for the first time of the trip.

Crystal posted a status saying "I woke up today without a job, without a home, and no cue sheet to give me turn by turn directions" - with the exception of the home part, its about the same. I've got no direction / cue sheet to tell me what to do, and as of yesterday, I have no job (DC folks, know anyone hiring?). Fortunately I've got money in the bank and need the time to train for cross and study for my LSATs.

Joe, Carl (Caroline), Bryan, Matt (from the Southern route), and Bayla (from the Southern route) are continuing on, riding down south. It's quite inspirational, and I gave sincere thought to joining them. How much could I sell my road bike for and buy a touring bike? Could I get someone to take my room? Could my mom track me down and drag me back to a job with insurance (hi mom!)? Although Danny did say "You have a cyclocross season coming up". I may fly down and join them in the winter though. I also tossed around the idea of leading an Adventure Cycling tour next summer (or any other tour for money) and a more real desire to go to frame building school in Colorado in January. I have no real desire to settle down yet because when I do settle that's it - for 4 or 5 years at least, right?

I'll post again with more pictures and videos and stuff. Endless summer continues, I'll be back in DC on the 8th.


  1. Well done CC. See you when you're back. I saw you signed up for Turkey Day... you should double up in the 4s and then the 3/4s with me.

    What's a few more miles, anyway?

  2. Want to work at the bike rack? I could ask about it for you.

  3. I'm going to ease back into it, most importantly I promised someone I would put them on the podium in the 4 race.

    Tim, i would absolutely love it if you could talk to them about me. Even part time or seasonal.

  4. Talked to the owner today - you have an interview waiting for your return.