Friday, July 3, 2009


I never figured I would go this long without having access to a computer. We're in Fremont, Ohio right now, I've ridden 590 miles thus far. I posted links to some other riders' blogs. We just joined up with a film crew who are making a documentary and a book about the ride, that should be interesting.

If you've been looking for me on the WeLikeBike site or the twitter I won't be on there until I'm 25. In short, it's an industry standard to not have anyone under 25 represent alcohol. But subscribe to the twitter, if 100,000 people join they'll give $42k to the Alliance for Biking and Walking.

This whole experience is absolutely ridiculous. A vodka company is paying us, well, to ride our bikes across the country. We're fully supported with two vans and a truck and nice campsites and hotels. It feels like cheating. I feel dirty when I run into other people on tour. Kind of like the punk-guilt you have for coming from a middle class background but still talking up about how little money you don't have (when you actually do). But still - it's been amazing thus far. The riders range from couriers, racers, commuters, and people who are really new to long distance biking. I have so much respect for those whose longest ride before this trip was a 30 mile ride, and who still continue to go all day.

There is so much to say about the last 9 days, I really don't have the time or energy to go into detail. A few snippets however:

-New Jersey is an utter hellhole. Aside from the mediocre guilty pleasures hardcore and pop punk you tossed out in the late 90's, the boss, and Alicia Lahey, I am not a fan. Also, Ohio? No thanks.

-Lancaster County is absolutely gorgeous. I bought root beer from Amish children of the damned and it tasted like real beer.

-We got lost on the day we climbed the Allegheny Mountains and ended up doing a century. Rode past Napier, PA, the Cannondale factory, and over about 4 mountains. This was the day I cracked after the routing being messed up, and almost swore at an old lady. In hindsight, it was my favorite day. As horrible as I am at climbing, it's really fun and the scenery is unfuckwithable.

-Pittsburgh was amazing. Ran into an old roommate, got vegan pizza and wings and a cookie dough milkshake.

- I have basically only listened to Shelter and a Harry Potter audiobook.

-We've been eating ridiculously well - the other vegan on this trip, Jen, makes me feel bad for eating anything processed. I don't think I've ever eaten this well.

Overall, this is still an amazing trip and every thing that goes wrong is nowhere as near as bad as a good day at work. My knee has been bothering me so I took yesterday and today off, but should be back on tomorrow.

Tomorrow we head to Detroit, and from there we go down into the Midwest and back up to Denver. I can't wait for the mountains.

Giving up the ghost leaving Cleveland

The beginning. meeting at the Newark airport.

Jen and I during our century through Amish country

Hitting the first of two 100+ mile days thus far.

Fuck New Jersey.

Welcome to Philly.

Freedom, PA

Jen at the vegan ice cream place in Pittsburgh

We ran into these guys coming into Ohio. They're on a self supported tour raising money for Project Rwanda. Two of them were actually from DC. I felt totally humbled and spoiled being on such a plush tour while these guys were roughing it and not getting paid.

Lake Eerie

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