Thursday, July 30, 2009

32? 36?

We're in Vernal, Utah right now. I'm amazed at how such a religiously conservative state fully embraces dinosaurs, at least on this side of the state. If I could only find the religious "museum" that talks about how the earth is 6,000 years old etc etc. Well, I could spend hours in there.

Monday was our first day in the Rockies, about 80 miles with 7,000 feet of climbing. By far it had been the best day I've ever had on a bicycle, let alone the best day of this trip. I can't describe in words how amazing it was. Climbing for about an hour and a half, completely ignoring the lactic acid building up in the legs because you're too amazed at how huge everything is around you. Hitting 51mph on a descent, screaming the lyrics to "Straightedge" as you descend from an 11,000 ft pass. It was great. We then stayed in the most amazing hostel and me and Jen made pesto. From waking up to sleep, it was a flawless day.

The next day we decided to avoid Rabbit Ears pass, which was described to us as a "death trap" and took a 20+ mile detour through Gore Pass, at around 9,000+ ft. There was no traffic, but tons and tons of cattle free roaming in the road. It was amazing, but also kind of terrifying, as the cows would mean mug you as you passed and they'd all run away, but you were never sure if they'd charge you. At the end of the day, including me and Jon's failed attempt to get to the Hot Springs before they closed, I had clocked 134 miles for the day....through the Rockies.

The next morning instead of going to the Moots factory we went to breakfast and went to the workshop of Kent Eriksen, the founder of Moots, to look at how titanium bikes I'll never be able to afford are built. From then we booked it to Maybell, a town of about 12 people. Today was our last day in Colorado, and the first day in the desertish landscape. It all honestly kind of looks like the landscape from the first Zelda game.

I turn 25 on Sunday, and I'm trying to get to Salt Lake City to at least have vegan cake for my birthday.

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  1. Your best day on the bike, passing through BERThoud.

    Well done.