Monday, July 20, 2009


Still have no idea what day we're on - I know its monday, because a million places were closed yesterday. Today we went about 90 miles from Omaha, NE to Steward, NE, the first 40 miles or so were in the rain and at about 20mph. Missouri was great, but full of rolling hills that just would not quit. Nebraska is one of the most beautiful places, with the exception of all the Monsanto fields I see, and is starting to flatten out. Unfortunately, we've been getting hit with headwinds quite a bit.

We just found out that we've got about four 90-110 mile days coming up in the next 5 or so days. My total mileage for the trip is around 1600, and that is with taking about 6 days in the van.

It's still a blast - the best job i'll ever have. I've been getting into the whole taking forever thing and going into towns. Yesterday we went to Omaha and hit up this awesome place called McFosters which had pretty killer vegan hollandaise. Today me and Alex went into Lincoln to go to Maggie's, a vegetarian wrap place, and then we ventured over to the best bike shop I've been in since the last time I was at Back Alley Bikes in Chapel Hill. The shop was called Monkey Wrench Cycles and the guys there were super nice and I'll see Nate in December at CX Nats in Bend, Oregon.

My knee is still acting up, not as consistent but now it's much sharper pain, not in the muscle above the knee cap, but right ON the knee cap. It happens - but I'll take two days off before we cross the Rockies. I think our first day after Denver we do 90 miles with 7,000 feet of climbing, which includes a pass over the Continental Divide. Of course, 90 miles on the cue sheet really means about 20 miles more than that. The next day we cross the Continental Divide about 3 more times.

My bike is taking a beating, thank god for lifetime warranties on frames. My shifter exploded in Missouri, my cassette is loose but working, and now my fork is making a terrifying noise. Seriously, I thought it was going to shatter on me. Light, sure, but next time I'll take steel. Next time I should have more than 3 weeks notice though.

Tomorrow we're off to god knows where. I'm trying to convince some of the guys to get up at 4 so we can get a good chunk of the 110 miles done before we stop to watch the Alps stage of the Tour along the way.

in the back of the truck going to the new campsite.

Root beer and Subway.

Champaign, IL - most of our 7 person paceline the entire way there.

this guy was totally bumming us out. At the art museums in Kansas City.

most of these pictures were taken by Mikey.

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