Friday, July 10, 2009


Still never enough time or opportunity to give justice to anything that's happened in the last week or so since I attempted to blog last.

We're currently in Champaign, IL. The last few days we've gone through Ohio, Michigan, and most of Illinois. Chicago was great - the Chicago Diner was unfuckwithable and 42Ride took the 3 top spots in goldsprints.

My right knee had been acting up and causing me to sit in the van for about 4 or 6 days during Ohio and Michigan. New positioning and switching back to my road shoes seemed to have helped, that an a borderline unstraightedge amount of Tylenol. I've had two days straight riding without considerable pain, although I will probably give myself a lot of rest before the next time we climb.

We've been stopping in at sports bars along the way to watch the last hour of the tour. It's been pretty amazing, especially considering this is part of our jobs.

Tomorrow me and Jen are doing the Tour de Champaign, a downtown criterium, then continuing on with an 80ish mile day. We are making our way towards St Louis in the next week or so I guess, i'm not really sure. More than half the time I don't know what day it is, and more than that I don't care. Just as long as I remember when the next Harry Potter movie comes out...

I'll try to do a more appropriate update soon, but i'll leave you with two items of note.

gentleman's goldsprints in Denver. You can't hear our tour manager nervously muttering "ok guys, that's enough" as the layer's go.

riding through a field in Three Rivers, Michigan next to the Travelodge.
That is a Circle A shirt, you should go buy a frame from them.

I am having a great fucking time, but I still miss the ole' PCDC at times.

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